Rain Water Harvesting

Water, and our reliance on it, is a topic that has been close to the top of the environmental news agenda for many years and weighing heavy on the minds of concerned local consumers. Thinking about water, the amount we use and what we use it for may not be something that many of us have been used to until now. Did you know, for example, that a running tap can waste 14 litres of water every minute, or that a garden sprinkler can get through 1000 litres in an hour?

In the home, water wastage is rife – one third of the water an average family uses is to flush the toilet, and using a hose to wash your car takes around 300 litres of water. This comprehensive range of products from Titan Environmental is among the newest and most technically advanced options for those who want to harvest and store rainwater as well as use water efficiently in the home and at work.