Rain Water Harvesting

Water, and our reliance on it, have been significant topics on the environmental news agenda for many years, weighing heavily on the minds of concerned local consumers. Thinking about water, the amount we use, and its various purposes may not have been a common consideration until now. For instance, did you know that a running tap can waste 14 liters of water every minute, or that a garden sprinkler can consume 1000 liters in an hour?

In the home, water wastage is prevalent – one-third of the water an average family uses is for flushing toilets, and washing your car with a hose can take around 300 liters of water. M.N.Davis offers a comprehensive range of products from Titan Environmental, which are among the newest and most technically advanced options. These products cater to those who seek to harvest and store rainwater while promoting efficient water usage both at home and in workplaces.

Sustainability and water conservation are essential, and with our innovative solutions, you can make a positive impact on the environment while saving on water usage and costs. M.N.Davis is dedicated to providing this type of service, empowering our customers to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.