Boiler Services

We offer fully trained service men to carry out both oil and gas boiler service. We are a registered gas installer and have been involved in the oil and gas industry for more than 40 years.

It is good practice to have your boiler serviced each year and it is recommended by:

◘ Sustainable Energy Ireland

An annual service will help ensure the safety and correct operation of the boiler. It will also improve the efficiency of the boiler. Please have all boiler details ready when you contact us, to help with the efficiency in service.

Boiler Repair:

In the unfortunate event of your boiler breaking down don’t hesitate to contact us with the make and model details of the boiler. We will handle the situation with utmost urgency.

Boiler Safety:

We at M.N.Davis believe safety is of paramount importance. Never let an unqualified person work on your boiler, as there are many hidden dangers to you and your family as a result of bad workmanship. If you are concerned with the operation of an appliance please do not hesitate to contact us. Always put safety first and get a qualified service man to attend to your appliances.

Gas Installations

M.N.Davis has established itself as a leading installer of gas appliances, boilers and gas fires. With over 40 years experience in the gas industry covering Natural Gas and LPG M.N.Davis is fully registered and insured. We cover industrial, commercial and domestic installations.

Gas Boiler Service

M.N.Davis has highly qualified gas service professionals skilled in fault finding, repairing, and servicing various types of boilers. We cover all domestic and industrial gas boilers including condensing gas boilers. Before commencing any work, we conduct a thorough soundness test on the gas installation, and upon completion of our work, we retest the installation to ensure its safety and compliance.

Gas Fires

M.N.Davis provides customers with the convenience of fireplace inspections to determine their suitability for a gas fire. During this process, we thoroughly examine the fireplace’s location, room ventilation, and structural integrity. Additionally, we conduct a comprehensive smoke test to ensure optimal safety and performance when using a gas fire. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and our experts are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of service for your peace of mind.

Oil Boiler Installations

M.N.Davis has established itself as a leading installer of oil appliances, boilers. We are fully registered and insured and cover industrial, commercial and domestic installations. M.N.Davis offers a full supply and installation service for oil boilers. Our professionals are fully quilified and equipt to install oil boilers and make sure they are running at optimal level of performance on completion on the installation.

Oil Boiler Services

M.N.Davis employs fully qualified oil service professionals with expertise in fault finding, repairing, and servicing all types of domestic and industrial oil boilers, including condensing models. Before starting any work, we conduct a thorough safety test on the oil installation. Upon completion, we perform another test to ensure our services meet the highest standards for our valued customers. Oil boilers require regular cleaning and maintenance of the storage tank. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for any urgent or non-urgent questions.


We cover supply, installation, maintenance and general repairs

Boiler Service & Repair

We carry out both oil and gas boiler services and its repairs

Drain Services

Equipped with up to date equipment, all work is carried out in a safe and efficient manner.