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  • Heating Services

  • Heating Installations

    m.n.davis will take your architects floor plans and carry out a full heat loss calculation and select the best form of heating for your building. We will schedule out the radiators required for each room and specify the boiler and type of boiler that we recommend.

  • Heating Controls

    m.n.davis+co offer total control of your centra heating and hot water from the conveniance of your mobile, tablet or laptop. Heating controls installed properly will cut your houses energy cost substantually and give you greater comfort and flexiability from your homeĀ 

  • Radiators

    m.n.davis offer all our customers the satisfaction that the radiators selected will meet the heating requirements for a given space. We will select radiators that will give a uniform amount of heat throughout your room.

  • Underfloor Heating

    m.n.davis can offer all our customers the option of under floor heating. This form of heating does not require radiators and is recommend with condensing gas boilers to help with the operating efficiency.

  • Air Heating

    For the larger areas direct-fired gas heaters used in conjunction with de-strat fans provide a solution to heating problems. This type of heater is usually used in industrial warehouses. Other options are available, however these would be selected in conjunction with clients.