Drain Services

M.N.Davis Ltd established its drains operations in 1990 and over the past 27 years has developed a wide range of drain services offering its customers the complete range of services. Our services include the following:

High Pressure Jetting:

M.N.Davis offers its customers a modern means of clearing blockages of drains pipe work. The use of high pressure water jetting allows us to clear and clean all underground pipe work in a safe and efficient manor. High pressure water jetting can help improve flow and prevent future blockages as well as allowing for CCTV inspections to be carried out.

Drain CCTV Surveys:

M.N.Davis offer its customers a full colour under ground pipe survey. Are staff are city and guilds qualified in pipe scoring and can compile a detailed report of all your under ground drains.

Pipe Patching / Re Lining Service

Pipe patching / Re Lining is a service that can repair certain types of damaged underground pipe work without having to carry out excavations. This means of repair is fast efficient and requires no damage to the surface. Access to the pipe is through the local manholes.

Odour Investigation

M.N.Davis offers an Odour Investigation service that can help trace the source of smell both inside and outside buildings. With the help of high pressure water cleaning, smoke generators and CCTV we can inspect all areas and identify the source of the odour.

Root Cutting

M.N.Davis has the facility to cut roots that have grown into your underground drains. Our equipment can cut most roots in pipe work up to 8”.

Electronic Pipe Tracing & Mapping

M.N.Davis offer a service whereby we identify the drainage network using tracing techniques, we then map the network on a newly created site layout plan or on an existing site layout plan. Having a set of up to date drawings can be extremely beneficial should a problem arise, it is also beneficial if a preventative maintenance system is required.

Tanker Services

M.N.Davis offer a full range of tanker services. From jetting large main lines down to small 4″ domestic lines. We also carry out proventitave maintenance for commercial and industrail business.

Greese traps Maintenance

Fats, Grease and Oils along with food and detergents are one of the most common causes of blockages in drainage systems. They cause blockages in the drain, percolation areas(soak aways) and lead to further problems in onsite wastewater and treatment systems. Under current legislation, all commercial Food Business Operations are required to install and maintain a grease trap. m.n.davis have had a dedicated grease trap services team.

We can design, supply, install and maintain your grease trap.

We can Taylor design a service level depending on the individual requirements of the client ranging from an on demand pump out service to comprehensive, guaranteed maintenance contracts.

Call us to see how we can help you with you grease trap problems.

Excavation Work

When required M.N.Davis can offer full excavation facilities. We can carry out excavations of existing drainpipe work and can install new services both above and belowground. We construct manholes as required and finish off the surfaces as required.

Planned and Preventative Maintenance

To reduce the risk of problems occurring with drain and sewer systems it is advised to have a maintenance system in place. M.N.Davis offer a complete preventative maintenance programme that involves a of set routine checks on the systems, everything is documented and reported, any identified problems or any near misses are reported directly to the client, firstly informally and then formally. 





M.N.Davis offer a 24hr Emergency Drain Service for all our customers. Equipped with up to date equipment, all work is carried out in a safe and efficient manor. We offer a professional value for money service with all our staff fully trained with the equipment they operate. All work is backed up with the services of fully qualified plumbers.

M.N.Davis staff have a number of techniques and equipment available to tackle your blocked drains. Starting with the most basic option of Drain Rodding right up to the latest High Pressure Water Jetting.